Communicating the Power

'Crafting the Strategy -- Empowering the Voice '

Mission-Based & Healing Arts Communications

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A communications arts "empowerment model" mission,

serving to empower the voice of women, family and youth-centered  programming and

social enterprise. Since 1997. 

In 2006 the mission returned to its founding locale of Southwest Ohio with a renewed focus on community-oriented solutions in

collaborating in the most innovative primary prevention and

intervention programs -- with a comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach. These

collaborations all approach the most daunting social issues of our time.

We serve current missions to craft new modalities and informational campaigns, along with facilitating collaborations and programs where a need for public affairs and

informational resources exist.  We also offer our originally crafted communication arts modalities through our initiative: the identity project.

'The real word for real people -- creating strong identities for all!'

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the identity project is a women and youth-centered nonprofit innovation; identifying and crafting palliative arts

initiatives & creative healing modalities that ignite self-empathy, esteem and healing expression employing the communication arts in Intervention and Prevention modalities working in a multi-disciplinary approach. Well-Being, Wellness, Safety &

Individual Literacy is our vision. Included initiatives are a personal safety awareness campaign, media literacy documentary, at-risk youth primary prevention reading circle and intervention guided writing programs. 

Collaborations with social service intervention and crime prevention efforts and empowerment with lay & professional health & safety advocacy are featured.  In keeping with its legacy, the project continues to spearhead informational campaigns and speaks for their multi-dimensional representation in media and national forums as well as hopeful and helpful

informational campaigns that promote true literacy  that  ensures individuality , wellness, safety and well-being..

Learn more about the:  Book & Media Drive

Read more on some of our current modalities:

"Write Reflections"© (Girls and Women 11 & up.)

"Happy Reads"© (Youth 6-12 yrs.)

(Based on all original concepts of Roger That! Communications)

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