e-News from: Communicating the Power.org


We've been getting a lot of great questions about our 'media drive'

(AKA: The Book Drive!) and also our wish list items! 

We accept gratefully:  All Books in New -- Like New to Good Condition (with very minor flaws) -- including: Soft Cover, Paperback and Hard Cover as well as Blank Journal Books

(and any new Note card/Stationary sets), Any "DVD" that is in 100% playable condition and some Music CD's. Please contact me personally at: LR@CommunicatingthePower.org or 888.415.5418 to arrange pick up or delivery.

All books must have no tears, discoloration, ring marks or similar flaws -- and should have a good spine and good cover. Dust covers on hardback books are preferred but not required! Some inner markings, dog ears and highlighting is ok. We ask that you put some kind of post-it note on books you know have inner markings or have your own bookplate in them. We want to handle those differently.

Also we are very grateful to accept: Any "DVD" that is in 100% playable condition with a like new, excellent

condition in its original case. (Remember that not all original enclosures are

required, but the cover and disc must be without gashes, major flaws, ring marks or other

discoloration or markings.) DVD's may be what is called "PVT" meaning they were purchased as used -- from Blockbuster for example -- as Previously Viewed! As long as they played for you they are playable and

usable to us.

We also accept Music CD's that were released within approx. the last 7 years.  All the same conditions of the DVD's apply. They must play and be in their original case but inserts are not required (for instance you notice the inside song list you took out and now its misplaced! I do it all the time!)

The proceeds from our MEDIA drive directly support the reading, writing and art literacy of women and youth -- in intervention programs -- using guided "journaling" and reading readiness to improve their

confidence, self-esteem and empathy for others. Our program has big results. Clients of all ages have reported to me outcomes such as their reading and writing in an 'empowerment support group' afforded them a new found assuredness. Feeling empowered they embarked on completing their GED's or High School if eligible, applied for job readiness programs and complete continued education applications including

college applications! Just knowing their words were valid and their expression was valuable has a deep impact on their self-esteem.  Exploring all media and mediums from an empowerment approach expands a willingness to continue engaging in similar pursuits. Many people in intervention programs are proven to be highly creative people and this outlet for them is immense in directing that energy with

healthy boundaries.

Youth books are used in reading circles. Any book your children love we will happily share with other children. Reading inspires and instills a sense of self worth in children in a host of ways -- whether they are 'read to' (enjoying that connectivity with the reader) or have the pride of reading and sharing the story themselves! Words empower in every expression and we cherish books that foster that energy! Recently I've had children contact me

directly to say that they wanted to do something good (to help others) with the books they are 'too big' for now! Our media drive is a perfect answer to empowering your children and teens through giving to others.

We also have a wish list of reading and writing supplies that we use and would love if you purchased for us

including notebook paper and office supplies.  Our book drive does not accept any cash donation to purchase

reading or writing supplies -- we just accept the donated items themselves. We also don't accept VHS Tapes, Cassette Tapes and the above items including Books & DVD's that are damaged significantly. We do accept books larger than 6 X 10" such as coffee table books -- and remember: no book is too small that is in good reading condition! If you've got a particular book you feel is empowering--please share the details with me. Often I can share

special books with an individual client I know will enjoy the specific content.

Additionally, items may be shipped to:

CommunicatingthePower.org; PO BOX 14958 Cincinnati, OH 45250.

With sincere gratitude for every ounce of your support! Always my best for You!